Huge range of Fresh and Frozen Australian seafood

The Fisho is a Locally owned business that has a passion to provide its customers with exceptional service and the highest quality seafood.

The vast knowledge of seafood you find at the Fisho matches the large range we provide, however, if there is something that you want that is not on the normal menu we will endeavour to source that product for you. The everyday menu includes Fresh Western Australian fillets (different day to day depending on the catch), Mandurah crabs which are alive and nipping when they arrive, to the famous South Australian oysters. We also have a large range of five star fish fillets, fish cutlets, whole cleaned fish, a massive range of Shark Bay & Exmouth prawns, scallops, crayfish, bugs, crabs, crocodile, octopus and squid, and a whole lot  more. A full range can be found on the products page.



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If you are like a lot of our customers and are nervous about cooking seafood we are happy to help. We have some beautiful recipes available on our website, or come down and have a chat. We are always willing to give you the latest and greatest seafood recipes that we have found. We will have you hooked on seafood before you know it.

Our opening hours for all locations can be found on the contact page. During Christmas & Easter we extend our opening times so keep updated by joining us on our Facebook page or by contacting us via email or phone.

So next time you’re thinking seafood… think Fisho.
Drop in to one of out locations and spoil yourself with a seafood delicacy. We look forward to meeting you.

Mr & Mrs Fisho

“You won’t seafood better”

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